Finance homework

Please complete Parts A and B below: Part A: “Commanding Heights”, a documentary on the risks and challenges faced by the global economy and financial markets in the 21st century. The video is available on YouTube here: Please watch the following parts of this video: Part I: From 0:00 minute mark to 28:00 minute mark. Part II: From 48:00 minute mark to 1:20:10 minute mark . The total time of these parts combined is roughly 1 hour. (I highly encourage you to watch the entire 2 hr video if you have time, but this is not required). Part B: “An open and shut case,” a Special Report on the world economy from The Economist (October 1, 2016 issue). Please read the following sections: – “An open and shut case” (p.3-5) – “The good, the bad and the ugly” (p.10-12). – “The reset button” (p. 15-16) (You are highly encouraged to read the entire article, but this is not required). Extra Credit (optional): To receive extra credit, please complete the following questions (1-2 pages typed): 1. List and describe four concepts — two from the video and two from the article — that we covered in class that were discussed in detail in the materials. 2. After watching this video and reading the article, what are your thoughts on globalization thus far, both in terms of finance and trade? Discuss the pros and cons as you see them. Going forward, do you agree/disagree with (any of) the three points for “fixing” globalization presented in “The reset button”? Anything you would add? Or, are we bound to see a decline in global trade/finance with the anti-global climate and sentiment that appears to be growing recently? I am interested to hear your thoughts. 

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