Discussion Question Part 1

Select one of the scenarios below and explain the best solution. Include comments related to any ethical issues that arise. You should be able to locate at least one case that has been decided on the issue or one that is currently pending to support your answer.

Scenario 1  

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution grants persons the right to bear arms. Your employee handbook prohibits employees from possessing firearms on any company property. You have a permit to carry a firearm in your car and believe the employer’s requirement violates your rights. If you challenge your employer, which party will prevail? Provide arguments for both sides, determine which party wins, and provide support for your decision.

Scenario 2  

Select one of the following examples. Determine whether the statement and resulting action by the school violate the First Amendment. Provide support for your answer.

  1. A public school bans students from wearing pink wristbands that state “I love boobies.”
  1. Smith, a student at Osceola High School, creates a website where she posts pictures of another student with various captions such as “slut” and “hooker.”  The school suspended Smith.

Discussion Question Part II

Select a company listed on one of the lists for best or worst companies for ethics. Explain the action(s) that led to the company to be included on the ethical or unethical list. State whether you agree or disagree with inclusion of the company on the list and provide support for your answer. 

You may want to use search terms “unethical companies” or “ethical companies” to locate a list.

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