Ethical Leadership Popular Culture

Ethical Leadership Popular Culture
Ethical Leadership in Popular Culture (25 points)
Demonstrates the student’s ability to:
1. Define what ethical leadership is according to Northouse.
2. Recognize ethical leadership in popular culture.
3. Infer and describe how the character they selected is using each of the 5 principles of ethical
Evaluation – Each student would submit a document as outlined in the instructions below. The TA(s)
and the instructor will evaluate the definition and chart based on the student’s accuracy and
understanding of the key ethical leadership principles. Activity is set up for a total of 30 points.
Instructions Ethical Leadership Popular Culture:
1. Define what ethical leadership is, according to Northouse. (5 pts)
2. Pick a character from a movie, TV show, or a novel that you think fits the definition of an ethical
leader. Which character did you select? Provide a brief biography of the character (one
paragraph). Include which stage of moral development your character is in, and justify your
evaluation (with critical thinking!). (10 pts)
3. Evaluate the character according to the 5 ethical leadership principles outlined in Northouse:
respects others, serves others, shows justice, manifests honesty, and builds community.
Complete the chart based on these principles and outline how the behaviors of the character
you selected relate to the principles. Please be specific with your examples. The character may
demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the principles, behaviors that are inconsistent
with the principles. Identify behaviors that are both consistent and inconsistent with the
principles. If the character doesn’t demonstrate a behavior, provide a hypothetical situation of
where they could show the behavior. (3 pts for correctly applying each principle, and providing a
corresponding example; 15 points total)

Friendly Advice: Just because you are putting the information in a “chart” format does NOT mean to
write as little as possible. Be thorough in your answers and demonstrate excellent critical thinking.
Principles: Definition:

Principles: Definition:
(Use your own
words to

Examples of behavior
consistent with this principle:

Examples of behavior in-consistent with this


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