Education Reflection Scary Poem

Education Reflection Scary Poem
Making Text-to-Self Connections with a Scary
This case shows a teacher modeling how to make connections and students visualizing the poem,
“In a Dark, Dark House”, to make text-to-self connections.
Literacy & English Language Arts
Reading – Craft and Structure
Grade 1

Instructional Context on Education Reflection Scary Poem
There are 22 6- and 7-year-old first grade students featured in this shared reading class. There are
11 boys and 11 girls. Two students are of Hispanic background and 1 is bilingual and receiving no
English Language Learner assistance as he doesn’t qualify for services. Two students are African
American and 19 are Caucasian. Students’ abilities range from emergent to advanced readers, with
27% reading below grade level, 18% reading above grade level and 55% reading at grade level.
This class consists of hands-on learners who are active and love to talk. Many become disengaged
in learning when I am the sole contributor to the lesson, so my teaching pace is fast and I allow for
teacher to student interaction as well as student to student interaction. I have a handful of students
who regularly participate, while the rest are more passive learners.
Eleven students received daily reading interventions in a group setting following RtI (Response to
Intervention) throughout the year. Five have received Reading Recovery, an intense l-on-l
intervention. All are showing improvement with reading interventions. One student has shown
characteristics of Asperger’s Syndrome with sensory integration disorder, yet has not been formally
diagnosed. One student has been screened for processing issues and does not receive services as
parents refused. Three students are on behavior charts for staying on task and having appropriate
behavior. One student is defiant and needs a lot of interaction from me. Six students are reading
above grade level and have begun to use higher level thinking skills with modeling from me. The
teaching context that influenced the selection for this period of instruction are following the district
mandated reading series, which is developmentally appropriate. The teaching context of connections
and visualization fit well in the scope and sequence of my teaching. The use of writing stories to
respond to connections and illustrate poems to show visualization tapped into the creativity of my
students, allowing them to show what they know and allowing me to assess.
Planning on Education Reflection Scary Poem
The current reading theories I used to plan and implement my instruction in this lesson are Bloom’s
Taxonomy. I used Bloom’s Taxonomy (Bloom, 1956) theory of diverse learning theories in my lesson
by asking higher order questions. Diverse learning theories allowed me to ask higher order
questions to my students. I used Reading with Meaning (Miller, 2002) in my lesson when I set up my
classroom environment to be an environment where purposeful reading takes place. I used the
comprehension strategies making connections and visualization from Strategies that Work (Harvey,
Goudvis, 2007) because they are research based strategies I have successfully used in previous
years. To foster an environment that allows my students to actively and purposefully construct

meaning from reading and participate in authentic reading activities, I used the Daily 5 strategy
(Boushey and Moser 2006).
Assessments used to gain insight into my students’ ability in planning and instruction consisted of
DRAs, running records, anecdotal notes and observation during whole class and small group
reading instruction. Reading Recovery teachers share information from their Observational Survey. I
used the data generated by the assessments to plan instruction by observing the specific reading
habits of my students. For example, when administering the DRA, my students read a book and
were asked what it reminds them of and to make a connection. Data from DRAs show 82% of my
students made a connection that indicated limited understanding of the story, which lets me know
my students need more explicit instruction on making connections.
For example, Christiana (Chr) showed this discrepancy when reading a book about a family that
makes a surprise lunch for Grandma, only to

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