EARI0019 Statistics Essay Assignment

EARI0019 Statistics Essay Assignment




Choose one of the following options and having selected an appropriate dataset from the three examples, explain in which situations the test is used, how the data should be entered in SPSS, how it is run. Report the results appropriately and remember to cite all sources. Your essay should both outline a hypothesis, reasoning and interpretation of the results in the style of a scientific paper, and serve as a tutorial guide for practical implementation of your chosen test.


Some tips:

  • You should have run an analysis yourself and used screenshots to demonstrate how to do it.
  • You must pick one of these three (fake) datasets – but not all data in the dataset will be appropriate to or relevant for the test you might run. It’s therefore important that you define the research question you are testing and what data you will use to assess it.
  • Here we recommend first picking a test, learning about its assumptions and then exploring the datasets to determine their suitability to the approach before writing the essay to test a specific hypothesis with a specific test using a single dataset. The alternative strategy is to pick a dataset, and then read enough about the assumptions of all the tests to work out which test is best, but this is much more work!
  • Do not panic, the options are intended to be unknown to you. This often happens when needing to run statistical tests in everyday life (depending on how exciting your life is!).
  • Please follow the instructions on naming your submission carefully and complete the cover sheet on moodle!


The completed assignment should be 1500 (±10%) words and submitted through Moodle/Turnitin by 23:59, 26th January 2022. Include as many screen shots / images of your analysis as you like (these do not contribute to the word count).


To ensure anonymity, the title of the submitted file should start with your candidate number (eg “ABCD4_statistical_assignment” where ABCD4 is your own 4 letter, 1 digit, candidate number. Please do not use your name, or the candidate number that is of the form of an 8 digit string!).




  1. Step-wise Multiple Regression
  2. Analysis of Covariance
  3. Log-linear Analysis


Good Luck!

EARI0019 Statistics Essay Assignment

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