Dissertation Chapter 1 Assessment

Dissertation Chapter 1 Assessment

My research topic is   

An Examination of Police Brutality and Its Impact on Victims’ Families

my Research Questions are as followed: 

i) What drives police to use excessive force?

ii) How has the family experience impacted their perception of the police?

iii) How does race play a critical role in police brutality?

This is a professional document and has to have little to no errors. 

Anything with many errors will be submitted for a refund

Must be triple checked for errors

All articles used must be SCHOLARLY ARTICLES (minimum of 7 articles but use however many it takes)

Must have completed by 3/7/23

must be available for all edits from the professor

Attached is an example Final Dissertation mia (follow the highlighted yellow for reference of chapter 1 ONLY for example )

Must have all the sub titles of chapter one from the attached file 



Dissertation Chapter 1 Assessment

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