Discussion & Reply To Student

Discussion & Reply To Student

In a field study or an in-the-wild study, how could designers ensure  they acquire accurate data concerning the product? Briefly describe some  concerns associated with properly conducting field and in-the-wild  studies.

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15 hours ago                     Eva Gaivoronski             RE: Week 9 Discussion


The first concern with conducting a field study to  ensure accurate data would be clearly defining the research questions.   With any research type, the need for the designer to understand what  data is relevant and what is not is a critical first step to ensuring  that the result aligns with the requirements.  The second piece to  consider is ensuring that the participants are the right fit for the  study and the data the designer is trying to gather.  A suggested tool  to help in the selection process of participants is screen  questionnaires. (Recruiting and Screening Candidates for User Research  Projects, n.d.)  This removes the opportunity for bias sampling, quickly  identifies optimal candidates representing the target audience, and  eliminates those candidates that would not provide accurate, relevant  data to the study.  Once the target data is identified, and the correct  candidates are selected, the final consideration is the collection  method. (How to Choose the Right Data Collection Method, 2022)  The  chosen data collection method should best combine quality, efficiency,  and alignment with the result in mind.


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How to choose the right data collection method. (2022, May 9). Prestanda. https://www.prestanda.co.uk/blog/how-to-choose-the-right-data-collection-method/



Discussion & Reply To Student

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