Discussion and Response

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following questions:

  • How has technology influenced consumer choices? Provide specific examples.
  • How are advances in technology and medicine enabling consumers to live healthier lives?
    • How may they enable you to be or live unhealthy?


Respond to the responses separately 50 word minimum 75 word max:

Response 1: Melissa

Hello class,

Technology has influenced consumer choices because consumers have access to applications such as fitness trackers on their phones and watches. For example, the Samsung Health app has an Electrocardiogram feature also known as ECG. According to “Samsung”(2020), “Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart. It helps physicians look for potential abnormalities in heart rhythm.” (About ECG). Now when going to the doctor and being advised to become more active is easily understood by the patient because in a sense they have access to their “health record” and are already aware of what needs to be improved.

Advances in technology and medicine are enabling consumers to live healthier lives because now with the pandemic forcing gym closers, businesses such as Nordictrack have created technology that allows working out in the safety of your home with the home gym called Vault. According to “Nordictrack”(2021), “Open the door and discover Vault, a premier home gym that intimately pairs iFit interactive training with innovative reflective technology (Open Extraordinary). Medicine has advanced for diabetics who no longer have to stick their finger all the time to check their blood sugars. Now they can wear a device that is implanted in their arm called a Dexcom. According to “Dexcom”(2021), “A small wearable continuously sends glucose readings to your smartphone* or Dexcom receiver – without fingersticks.” (There is a better way to manage your T2 diabetes. Meet the Dexcom G6). The use of the Dexcom can enable a diabetic to live unhealthy because once upon a time the constant painful reminder of having to stick their finger would motivate them to do better so one day they can stop the finger sticks. Now that it has stopped they could be more likely to eat incorrectly or slow down on exercise and become lazier.

Response2: Catherine

Technology has influenced consumer choices by depending on how people are looking at the product. This is like in reference to the Covid 19 Vaccine. People are skeptical of the timing of the vaccine. People do not think there has been enough testing to see the reactions that can happen from these vaccines. Like the Moderna’s they had only tested this on people ages 65 and older, so why would this vaccine be available to others. There has been a quick decision on putting these vaccines out to the public. I myself is reluctant to taking the vaccine myself. They have not still found out where, and how the Covid 19 has come about. Like in California , just recently it was stated on Wdsu that 43 employees at a hospital tested positive for Covid 19 due to a inflatable costume. I just don’t know about that. What are they going to say bodily fluid was on or in the costume?

Advances in technology and medicine are enabling people to live healthier lives with the constant changes that is continually being developed each year. Flu magazine(n.d.) states ” that technology has improved life greatly having task more simple.(flux magazine)” With having the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Doctors are able to have quicker access to patient records to help give a better diagnosis. There are Portable monitors now, that records and can send information to the doctors office where the doctor can see at his or her office while the patient is at home or shopping. The wearable Technology can help to give people a reminder of to take steps, or simply to participate in exercise activity. Technology has also made some people unhealthy due to not having to do things for themselves. Like simply turning off a tv, people so not have to get up to turn the television off they just simply click their remote. Social Media and texting is the worst form of technology, people air so much of their dirty laundry for all to see, and instead of picking up the phone and call the person they have issue with, they just simply send a text. Texting is dangerous where a tradegy may have happen , people instead of waiting for the person or people to get home they just simply send a text or put it on social media. This can cause a major accident because, person may receive while driving causing a major accident and harm others and themselves in the process.

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