Discuss Leadership

Discuss Leadership

Part 1

The Rise and Fall of Carly Fiorina

Read the following article: Article 5: Johnson, C. The rise and fall of Carly Fiorina. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies 15(2), 188-196.

Respond to the following questions within your initial response:

When Carly Fiorina took over as CEO of Hewlett Packard and pushed financial performance over the “HP Way”, what type of leadership was she using? Explain your answer.
Explain the ethical leadership construct described in the article as a two-part process.
What behaviors, actions and decision-making process did Ms. Fiorina use that did not follow the ethical leadership construct?
Part 2

Cross-Cultural Management

Read the following article: Article 3: Bird, A. and Fang, T. (2009). Cross cultural management in the age of globalization. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 9(2), 139-143.

Respond to the following questions within your initial response:

Describe the metaphors of culture as “ocean” and “onion.” Who coined these phrases and what perspective led them to describe “ocean” or “onion?”

How is globalization affecting the management and leadership literature?

This is an editorial article that describes a special edition of this particular journal. What do you believe is the reason(s) that this special edition was deemed necessary in 2008 and 2009?



Discuss Leadership

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