Developmental Psychology Discussion Board

Developmental Psychology Discussion Board
The purpose of this exercise is for students to recognize and respond to the potential health hazards of a poor diet for young children. Fast food has become deeply ingrained in our society. Most children not only get their first taste of fast food during the toddler/preschool years, but many eat it on a regular basis. Living in poverty only exacerbates this issue. “Low-income families have less access to resources than higher-income families” (Santrock, 2020, p. 157, citing Gonzales, et al., 2016).

Instructions for Students: Write a 300-word letter to the president of a major fast food chain. Explain, from a developmental perspective, the hazards of a poor, high-fat diet for children’s development. Discuss the inappropriateness of luring children (or their parents, rather) to purchase such meals, with the special kids’ meal and accompanying toy. Elaborate by presenting the argument that spending advertising dollars to highlight such meals and toys, along with offering popular, trendy toys, contributes to the poor nutrition habits of children too young to understand the hazards. Include society’s problematic propensity for turning to fast food for ease and convenience, and the lure of receiving a toy with kids’ meals. Be sure to offer a solution that might be as attractive to parents and young children. In other words, after explaining the issues you see currently, offer a solution to help reduce childhood obesity but still meet the demand of parents to have convenient, low-cost foods available.

You want to motivate them to make these changes based on empirical data and research shared from the textbook so make sure you cite our text at some point in the letter so the reader knows that you are not simply making an emotional plea for change but you are using actual data. Once again, here is the APA format you will use to provide the in-text citation (see example).

For example: “Being overweight has become a serious health problem in early childhood” (Santrock, 2020, p. 140, citing Hutchinson, Emerick, & Saxena, 2016).

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