Data Modeling Exercise Assessment

Data Modeling Exercise Assessment

Please be creative and provide any reports, graphs, dashboards, mathematical analysis as you see necessary to provide as many interesting insights as you can discover.

Here’s a list of things you may consider when composing your paper:

1. Covert the ‘Date of Transaction’ column in the Transaction table to the standard datetime format.

2. Merge two tables into one spreadsheet. (hint: v-lookup function in excel)

3. Check the distributions of each column. Clean the dataset if there is a wrong record or outlier.

4. What is the revenue trend over the months of the music store?

5. Is the music store getting enough visitors?

6. How many of the visitors are buying?

7. Are men and women different in terms of total revenue, total visits, total transactions, or the number of albums purchased?

8. Are men and women different in terms of average revenue, visits, or transactions per customer?

9. Are men and women different in terms of revenue and transactions each month?

10. The ultimate goal of the music store is to increase sales. Do you have any marketing strategy for the music store?



Data Modeling Exercise Assessment

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