Consider the effectiveness of your proposed Business Plan. As a forward thinker, reflect on all components of your recommendations and construct a performance evaluation. Construct a Performance Eval

Consider the effectiveness of your proposed Business Plan. As a forward thinker, reflect on all components of your recommendations and construct a performance evaluation. 

Construct a Performance Evaluation as a 700-word document. Include references from the textbook or peer-reviewed sources, and include the following: 

  • A Financial Evaluation: Propose how you will use financial performance (via financial statements) to measure the effectiveness of your implemented solution. Include additional measurable analytics, as needed.
  • Succession Planning: Determine how you will select relevant candidates and formulate an organizational chart to support your business plans.
  • A Contingency Plan: Propose a contingency plan to safeguard against unforeseen sustainability threats to your Business Plan.
  • Recommend how you will evaluate the continuity of your proposed strategies in your contingency plan.

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