Conceptual Essay Organization Behavior

Conceptual Essay Organization Behavior
PAD 5010: Organizational Behavior
Conceptual Essays Conceptual Essay Organization Behavior (40 points; 20 points each)

Two (2) conceptual essays will be assigned to measure the extent to which you can synthesize
the material covered during the semester and to assess your research and analytical skills.
You will be expected to exhibit the following in each essay:
• depth of understanding of the scope, purpose, and central features of the research topic;
• ability to recognize benefits and disadvantages related to the research topic;
• ability to recognize and analyze how concepts from the course apply to practice; and
• clarity in expression and organization of the essay.
It is quite challenging to write shorter pieces because they require strategic organization,
selection of key points, and word choices as well as precision with the thesis statement. Your
thesis statement will guide your essay and, therefore, will guide me on how I evaluate the essay,
which means you should carefully craft it.

You should avoid assumptions for academic work and rely on facts, statistics, findings in peer-
reviewed journal articles, and appropriate reports from professionals in the field. Thus, you

should reconsider an entire paragraph that is without a single citation. Also, I urge caution when
using any non-academic websites and publications as sources of support.
It is important that you write to the best of your ability: if your first essay falls below Level 3,
you will be required to work with the UNCP Writing Center representative until your writing
meets graduate-level standards.
I will line edit your first essay and point out your strengths and areas that need attention. Since
the course assignments are designed and scheduled in a way to encourage steady improvement in
the quality of your work, you should aim to show progress in all other assignments in the areas
highlighted. You should take my comments as constructive criticism intended to help you.
Grammatical correctness is important. Essays are expected to be free of spelling, mechanical,
and grammatical errors. The effect of such errors will be weighed against the impact on the
work’s clarity: a missing comma will not harm your grade as much as an idea that is not
transmitted clearly. Yet, readers will notice and will draw conclusions about a writer’s
competence when problems with low-order items are numerous. You will lose valuable points
for repeating the same mistakes from assignment to assignment. In other words, the number of
points deducted will increase from the original number of points deducted for those errors that I
have noted in your first essay, in your Week 3 Discussion Board, and first Application Exercise.
NOTE: It generally takes me two weeks to return an assignment since I incorporate comments to
assist you in improving your critical thinking, research, and writing skills. This timeframe will
still give you ample time to incorporate my recommendations into subsequent work.

PAD 5010: Conceptual Essay Conceptual Essay Organization Behavior Instructions and Rubric page 2
Following instructions is vital to public administration work. For example, disregarding
instructions can result in a nonprofit organization losing a foundation grant or a state government
agency losing federal funding. Consequently, submissions that do not adhere to the format and
writing guidelines in this document and to the instructions for the essay topics that are posted on
Canvas (see designated module) will be returned with a score no higher than 15 points.

All essays must adhere to the following:
• 12 pt. Times New Roman font
• 1” margins
• double spaced
• Word document
o place your last name in the upper right-hand corner of the page (no other
identifying information is needed)
o save the document as follows: Last Name – (insert assignment name) – PAD 5010
• American Psychological Association (APA) style
o A title page and abstract are not required with these short papers.
• minimum: four (4) peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles per essay strategically related
to the main points in your papers (preferably published in 2010 or later).
o The expectation for all academic work is that you read the articles in their entirety
and that they are directly related to public administration.
o If you list a book (in addition to the required articles) and have only read certain
pages, you should include those page numbers at the end of that citation in your
“Works Cited” list.

• maximum: 6 pages (excluding references)
• Include the following statement at the end of your document:
o I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any assistance on this
assignment. This is an original essay and I have given appropriate and accurate
credit to the works of others that have been used in this paper.

• See rubric for additional expectations (located on the next page of this document)

Suggestion: You should be careful when including any list in such short writing assignments. If
you include a list, each element of that list should be discussed in detail or you should indicate
clearly which one (or two that are closely related) of these is most important to your main points,
especially how each supports the thesis statement of your essay.

PAD 5010: Conceptual Essay Instructions and Rubric page 3
PAD 5010: Conceptual Essay Rubric


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