Computer Science Profession Assignment

Computer Science Profession Assignment


Prepare a professional cover letter

Articulate effective interview strategies

Explain the difference between a “good” interview and a “bad” interview

Lecture Notes:
There are 3 sections of a cover letter that are required when writing a professional cover letter to include with your resume:
Introductory paragraph (to attract the potential employer’s attention)
Main Body (to highlight and draw attention to your skills)
Closing paragraph (to ask for an interview

Week 2 assignment #1—related to cover letter  

Using the lecture notes above, the video in this week’s discussion forum, and sources from the internet, write and submit a cover letter for a job you are interested in applying for. You can use,, LinkedIn, or look for job opening on a company’s website to find a job opportunity that interest you. Be sure to include a copy of the job posting with your cover letter.

Week 2 Assignment #2—interview prep—good interview vs. bad interview (interviewing techniques [Title: Top Interview Tips: Common Questions, Nonverbal Communication & More] [Title: Good interview, bad interview]

After watching both video, write a one to two paragraph reflection of what you will do differently in an interview as a result of what your learned. Explain what you did wrong prior to watching this video. If you have never interviewed for a job, then write about your interview for admission into the  Graduate School.


Computer Science Profession Assignment


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