Communication in Professional Contexts

Communication in Professional Contexts

Communication in Professional Contexts

Assignments, 2021

Assignment 1 Communication in Professional Contexts: Persuasive Presentation (30%)

Working in pairs or groups of three, prepare and deliver a persuasive presentation on an agreed topic. The presentation should aim to convince members of a specified audience to consider implementing changes, which could have a positive impact on themselves or others.
Each speaker should present for a maximum of 7 minutes. All members of the group will be required to present, and presenting time should be divided equally.
A bibliography (APA 7) must be provided on the final slide.

The presentation will be rated on the following criteria:
• Level of research
• Structure of presentation
• Identifying and addressing areas of resistance by audience
• Effectiveness of message
• Quality of visual support
• Use of voice
• Body language
• Evidence of teamwork
• Timing

Recording your PowerPoint presentation

• You should only submit your part of the presentation to Moodle.
• Put your student number on the submission and the sequence in which you are presenting eg UP398210 (1) UP387215 (2) etc

• Each student should provide a narrated PowerPoint to accompany the slides. Talking time per person: 7 minutes. Instructions on how to do this are here: Please contact or if you have any problems doing a narrated PowerPoint.

Submission date: Week 11: Monday, 9pm, 17th May 2021

Assignment 2: Commentary (3,000 words) (70%)
Drawing on your knowledge of professional communication/workplace discourse,
write a commentary on the interactions taking place in the video clip provided on Moodle,

• Provide a brief introduction
• Use headings throughout your commentary
• Include extracts from the transcript to support your analysis in the body of your work (these are not included in the word count) Annotate the transcript e.g. highlighting examples of language and labelling language. Annotations are not included in the word count.
• Refer to relevant literature on professional communication, workplace discourse.
• Make use of screenshots ie show relevant images of participants
• Provide a brief conclusion
• Provide a word count
• Provide a bibliography (APA 7)
• Include a transcript of the sections analysed in the appendix

Please refer to marking criteria

Submission date: Week 12 Friday, 9pm, 28 May 2021
You should submit your assignment electronically via Moodle, using the ‘Turnitin’ facility before midday. Please ensure you keep a copy for your own records. Only put your student number on your submission.

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