1 Start Word. Download and open the file named go16_wd_ch01_grader_1e_hw.docx. 0
2 Type Sturgeon Point Productions Presents Aria Pacheco and then press ENTER. Insert the text from the downloaded file w01E_Filmaker.docx. 6
3 To the document title, apply the Fill – White, Outline – Accent 1, Glow – Accent 1 text effect—in the second row, the fourth effect, and then change the font size to 36. 8
4 With the title still selected, change the Font Color to Blue-Gray, Text 2—in the fourth column, the first color. Apply an Outer Shadow text effect to the title—in the second row, the third style—Offset Left, and then center the title. 8
5 Position the insertion point at the beginning of the paragraph that begins with This year, and then insert the downloaded picture file w01E_Antarctica.jpg. 6
6 Change the height of the picture to 2.25 and then change the Layout Options to Square wrapping. 10
7 Using the Position command, display the Layout dialog box and then change the Horizontal Alignment to Right relative to the Margin. 8
8 Apply a 10 Point Soft Edges picture effect to the image. In the third row of the Artistic Effects gallery, apply the fourth effect—Mosaic Bubbles. 8
9 Deselect the picture. Apply a Page Border to the document using the Shadow setting. Select the first style and change the Color to Blue-Gray, Text 2—in the fourth column, the first color—and the Width to 3 pt. 8
10 Below the last paragraph, draw a Text Box. Change the Height of the text box to 1.5 and the Width to 4.5. 8
11 To precisely place the text box, display the Layout dialog box. Change the Horizontal Alignment to Centered, relative to the Page, and then change the Vertical Absolute position to 0.5 below the Paragraph. 8
12 In the text box, type the following text:

Date: April 5
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: Studio G Screening Room

13 Change the text box font size to 18. Apply Bold and Center the text in the box. 6
14 Apply a Shape Style to the text box—in the last row, select the second style—Intense Effect – Blue, Accent 1. Then, change the Shape Outline to Black, Text 1—in the second column, the first color. 6
15 Insert the File Name in the footer. 4
16 Save and close the document. Exit Word. Submit the file as directed. 0

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