Calculus Research

Calculus Research

This is a group research assignment where the group will be assigned a topic. Then, each member will choose a sub question based on that topic and do a research based on that. The group topic here is “How does technological advancement impact Quality of Life?

In the attached research proposal, you can read the gist of the research. My topic is the last one, question 4. “How has technological advancements improved quality of life for people of determination?”

We have also done a work-in-progress presentation where we presented the findings of our survey. The survey and the responses are attached as well. Survey link: This is essential to complete the final report.

Now we need to work on a 4500 word research report which covers the entire research. The structure of the research is mentioned in the attachment.

Apart from the research report, I also need to submit an individual reflective report (1000-1200 words) which showcases my learning journey and the experience of doing this research. Details of that are attached as well.



Calculus Research

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