Business and Society (0LEC30BS)

Business and Society (0LEC30BS)

King’s International Foundation – Business and Society (0LEC30BS)

Component: Business and Society (0LEC30BS) – 40% of final module mark

For your final summative assignment on this module, you are asked to write a 1,500-word essay on one of the following questions.
1. Evaluate the impact on business and/or society of one stage of economic production.
2. To what extent has free market capitalism had a positive impact on business and society?
3. “There Is No Alternative (TINA) to Neoliberalism”. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
4. In light of recent economic crises (e.g. in 2008 and/or COVID), is it time to consider more radical solutions rather than more neoliberalism or Keynesian responses?
5. Evaluate a socialist alternative to capitalism which has been discussed in the course.
6. Which system of healthcare do you consider to be the most desirable: a market-driven system, a state-run system or a mixed system?
7. To what extent should business be involved in the financing and administration of EITHER the criminal justice system OR the military?
8. Evaluate the impact of corporate media on society.
9. Evaluate EITHER offshoring industry OR importing labour from the perspectives of business and society.
10. To what extent has populism (e.g. Trump and Brexit) had a positive impact on business and society?

You will be assessed on the King’s Foundations Academic Marking Criteria (available on KEATS). This is a researched essay and you need to support your opinions with academic sources. It is recommended that you use at least 8 sources
Business and Society (0LEC30BS)
The word count for this is 1,500 words.

This purpose of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your ability:

• To apply theoretical frameworks typical of disciplines within business studies in order to support or critique a position
• to reflect on key debates in contemporary society that impact on and/or are impacted by disciplines in business studies
• to take responsibility for your own learning in the form of an independently-researched essay

Submitting the Assignment
• The Essay must be submitted to Turnitin via KEATS before 11:00 a.m. on Monday 26th April 2021. Submission after 10:59:59 will be considered a late submission and may result in penalties.
• The assignment must include a completed cover sheet. This document can be found in the Submit Assignment page on KEATS.
• You can find information on word limits and formatting your essays in the Student Handbook online.
• Assignments are marked anonymously, and so you will need to submit using your student number. This is the number on your student card. This number should be clearly visible on the first page of the assignment. Please do not include your name on any part of the assignment.


Feedback on this assignment will be returned on 25/05/2021.

Guidance on Referencing

You must acknowledge your sources appropriately, both in your essay and in your reference list. Whilst the Harvard style of referencing is preferred, other referencing styles can be used if they are used correctly and consistently.

Mitigating circumstances

If you are unable to submit your assignments by the deadlines above and you believe you have a valid reason for this, you must complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form with the relevant details so that alternative arrangements can be made.

The form must be sent to in advance of the relevant deadline or, if that is not possible, within 7 days after the deadline.

The Mitigating Circumstances Form and guidance on how to complete it can be found here.

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