Bullies Don’t Make Best Managers

Bullies Don’t Make Best Managers

The grouping of people to execute
tasks is referred to as organizational structure. It builds links between a company’s
managers and employees, granting them permission to carry out tasks. Organizational
structure is put into place so that employees and other members can work
together efficiently to achieve the organization’s goal (Jones and
George,2020). Misbehavior on the parts
of the managers is affected by organizational structure. This will affect the
structure because other employees will not trust their managers and eventually affect
the work environment and their abilities to perform their work to the best of
their capabilities. The team structure, meanwhile, lives and dies on the
ability of team members to rise to challenges. If a company fails to design a
proper functioning organizational structure this could definitely be a reason
for the misbehavior of managers due to the fact that organizational structure
is used to motivate managers and employees and encourage specific job behavior
and attitudes (Jones and George, 2020).

I do think that authority was
misused on the part of bullying managers. The misuse of the authority vested in
a person or an official for personal advantage or misusing it towards juniors
or subordinates or a combination of both which results effects and breeds negativity
is called abuse of power. There has also been an attempt (however little) to
understand workplace bullying under the industrial relations lens. Both are
related to degree of workplace conflict and how it could be resolved (Beale, 2010; Pollert, 2005, 2007). Workplace bullying has been
recognized as a harmful feature of modern workplaces with long-term damaging
effects for both the bullied individuals as well as the organizations (Hutchinson, Vickers, Jackson, &
Wilkes, 2005).
By putting their people first, Nike can modify or re-invent its organizational culture in order to attract and
retain outstanding talent. They must ensure that their employees are appreciated and feel safe at work. They can ensure that everyone who are bullies will be held responsible for their actions no matter which positions
they hold in the company

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