Bioweapons And Epidemiology Discussion

Bioweapons And Epidemiology Discussion

Assume the role of an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Use relevant public health and government websites to complete the following:

  • Identify a bioterrorism agent of your choice and research this agent.
  • You must describe the nature of the threat to the health of  the population of your community clearly. Present the evidence that  supports your level of concern and propose recommended steps for a  community to prepare for a bioterrorist attack.


After completing your research and gathering the relevant data,  develop a presentation for your local public health leaders to alert  them of the threat. Your presentation must contain the following  information:

  • Section One: Executive Summary
    • State the problem and provide a high-level summary of information that would support a call to action.
  • Section Two: Threat Analysis
  • Name of the Agent
    • Etiology.
    • Identification.
    • Lab analysis.
  • Disease Process:
    • Reservoir.
    • Mode of transmission.
    • Incubation period.
  • Level of Threat
    • Occurrence.
    • Susceptibility.
    • Period of communicability.
  • Section Three: Prevention and Response
    • ‹Response plan: Surveillance and monitoring.
    • Communication strategy.
  • Section Four: References and Appendices

Additional Requirements

  • Media presentation: Minimum of 12 slides, with speaker’s notes in each slide. Upload the presentation.



Bioweapons And Epidemiology Discussion

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