Biology Assignment

Biology Assignment

Search through the current news cycle on the internet for an interesting article or news story that involves medically-relevant microbes. Any topics that are related to medically-relevant microbes, disease, outbreaks, or other microbial interactions with humans (either positive or negative) will be accepted.

Be clear when answering the following questions: (Each answer should be about 2-3 sentences in length.)

  • What microbe is the article about? Describe the type of microbe and name 2 characteristics and 2 interesting facts about the microbe.
  • Where is the microbe normally found?
  • What disease does the microbe cause? Name the disease and describe 3 common symptoms.
  • What population is affected?
  • How is the disease commonly treated?
  • Who is being affected by the microbe in the article?
  • In your opinion, why is the microbe or microbial event newsworthy?

3. Provide a link to the article or news story.

Requirement : 1. The article or news story must have been released less than a month before your submission.
2. Not an article or news story that has been previously posted on the forum



Biology Assignment

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