Chapter 2: Using APA, construct a review of literature that is 6–8 pages in length and use 8-10 references that you collected on your problem topic. These sources should consist of peer-reviewed literature that is within 5 years of publication.  In addition, you are strongly encouraged to see out other credible sources such as government websites and textbooks. All items listed should have a copyright date within the last five years unless it is the work of a recognized expert in the field (classic). Your references should include primary source material. This portion should be synthesized with your Chapter 1 assignment to create your first two chapters of your proposal.

  • Do NOT write in first person.
  • The majority of resources that are used need to be peer-reviewed journals that are within 5 years of publication.
  • Every reference must have a corresponding parenthetical citation.
  • Every citation must be referenced at the end of the assignment
  • All work must be completed in APA 7th edition format.

Use the template. Failure to use the template will result in significant point deduction to include a possible failing grade.

Use this template as you work on your project throughout the course:

FSCJ Research Template-2.doc Download FSCJ Research Template-2.doc

Failure to use this template will result in significant point deductions which can include a failing grade.


This assignment Download This assignmentis worth 100 points (10%) of your final grade and will be graded using the following rubric.


This assignment requires a file upload submission. After you have reviewed the assignment instructions and rubric, as applicable, complete your submission by selecting the Submit Assignment button next to the assignment title. Browse for your file and remember to select the Submit Assignment button below the file to complete your submission. Review the confirmation annotation that presents after submission.

View RubricAssignment 3: Literature ReviewAssignment 3: Literature ReviewCriteriaRatingsPtsContentview longer description48 ptsProficient assignment meets or exceeds all requirements for literature review supported by proper sources38 ptsCompeten assignment meets requirement for reviewing literature but a portion of the literature is outdated or not from reliable sources19 ptsNoviceassignment  does not meet requirement of reviewing past and current literature for topic/ 48 ptsOrganizationview longer description34 ptsProficientIs extremely organized and all areas flow together, has the required number of supporting sources, meets or exceeds length requirement27 ptsCompetentIs well organized and reads smoothly, generally supported by sources, meets length requirement14 ptsNoviceLacks clear thought and flow within assignment and lacks support from sources, does not meet length requirement/ 34 ptsGrammarview longer description18 ptsProficientassignment  has little to no grammar or syntax errors. Uses APA correctly14 ptsCompetentassignment has a few grammar errors, no rewrite is needed, minor APA issues7 ptsNoviceMore than a few grammar errors, rewrite may be needed, major APA issues




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