Analyze A Court Case

Analyze A Court Case

1 pg. Analyze a court case where a health care law violation occurred.

“The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records”

One of the biggest security breaches ever was the cyber-attacks of 2015. In the year 2015 the HIPPA law act was violated through hackers over 78 million times. The hackers exposed medical records that allowed the personal records of clients to be stolen. This medical breach changed world history. Human Health Services data breach was the biggest data breach in U.S history. This Hipaa violation resulted in the largest Hipaa settlement in history.

The Court system sanctioned the Incorporated, although HHS was not held at fault.

1pg.Analyze the health care law that was violated in the selected case.

The entire Healthcare System suffered an extensive attack of over 78 million records being stolen. Anthem. Hipaa which ws established in 1996, was to protect sensitive information fro the safety of patients.

1 pg. Recommend how the hospital should protect against another violation.

The entire Healthcare system could have benefited from employing unethical hackers. Hiring cyber hackers to expose weaknesses in the system could have prevented millions of client’s medical records from being exposed. Security assessments help improve security posture Figuring the scope The basic objective is to introduce the weaknesses in a company’s security, models and theories of economics and show how to improve decision making in healthcare r systems. Support thesis statement following the SESC formula (State, Explain, Support, and Conclude).

The healthcare system is a system built to prevent death and sustain life. Healthcare workers are the gatekeepers of life. Sustaining life is what we president”. The security breach of 2015

Use at least three peer-reviewed articles less than five years old.



Analyze A Court Case

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