American Psychological Association Discussion

American Psychological Association Discussion
American Psychological Association APA Paper
International Business \
Here are a few helpful hints before you submit. Make sure you are following the APA 6
th edition
manual, no pictures on the cover page or large font, make sure you have a header, and meet
the minimum word count 1,000 words. Please do not go over 1,300 words. Your paper must
have a minimum or five references and citations of which three must be from an academic
database, such as EBSCO, visit the IRSC library online or physically visit the building and have
staff help you.
Look at the sample paper provided and make sure you follow the same format and
structure. Do not deviate from the example paper. Your title and reference page must
look the same.
References and Citations:
Remember the “Reference Page” is located at the end of your paper and citations in the body of
your paper.
This is a lot of fun and helps you understand how to use supportive information to back up your
The library is available if you need help, also contact the professor, do not rely on past
professors, each has their own focus. Use the APA 6th Edition manual for guidance.
You will be graded on the structure, content and references, so make sure you follow the APA
format and watch your grammar. Also make sure the topic is relevant to the course.
Do not use a paper in two courses, do not use past papers, you may however cite a pass paper
you wrote just as you would reference someone else’s work.

Here is your APA paper topic:
Write a paper on either South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, or Hong Kong; make sure to speak about their
culture in regards to doing business, the major types of industry and their relationship with the US. Do
we have a trade surplus or deficit? You may include some of the major brands which come out of these

American Psychological Association Discussion

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