American Ideals Analysis

American Ideals Analysis

his brief activity will serve as preparation for your first assignment, Letter to Family, which is due next week.Part of the Letter to Family assignment requires you to look for a current event that demonstrates one of the following American ideals:

  • democracy
  • liberty
  • equality
  • justice
  • freedom
  • opportunity

One tip for finding a current event is to choose a reputable news source and visit their website to see recent articles on relevant topics. Another method is to visit the Strayer University Online Library and look at the 10 news and politics e-magazines available. Select a magazine to see the most recent issue. You can search for keywords in that issue using the search bar at the top right corner of your screen. You can also view other issues within the last 6 months and search those issues as well.Be sure to filter your results to only display content from the last 6 months. If no filter is available, be sure to check the article publication date to ensure that it is less than 6 months old.Below are some possible political topics that could reflect your choice of an American ideal. Direct your research toward topics such as these:

  • a voting right
  • an election
  • passing of a bill
  • an executive order
  • a court ruling

Once you have identified an article about a current event that demonstrates one of the American ideals listed above, write a short statement summarizing your current event. Include your article link in a source list following Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) format. Refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course for details on what your citation should look like.Your submission should include:

  • your chosen American ideal
  • 1-2 sentences explaining the current event that you will be using to demonstrate your chosen America ideal
  • an SWS source list for an article about your chosen current event occurring within the last 6 months (again, this should be from a reputable news source that publishes well-written and well-researched news)



American Ideals Analysis

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