Module 6 Assignment 2: Organizational Performance and Behavior

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Overview:For this assignment, you will complete a research paper that also includes an infographic on any topic applicable to organizational performance, team performance, and/or organizational behavior. Prepare a written response to the prompt below using a word processor. Please save your file in .doc or .docx format. Your research paper should be at least three in length, plus one (1) page for your infographic, and should comply with APA writing requirements.For more guidance about APA f

  1. Examine an organization of your choice.
    1. This course has examined situational learning (examining organizations and how they function); therefore, you have the option to choose a topic that is based on your experiences or a topic that is relevant to your current work situation/major.
  2. Provide an overview of the organization.
  3. Determine what areas need work based on its organizational performance.
    1. Look at issues in the workplace. Address an issue that you have seen currently in the workplace or have seen in the past.
    2. Explore ways to enhance organizational performance based on concepts you have learned in this course.
    3. Think about how you would improve the organization or situational issues with this information.
  4. Discuss the issues that you see (utilize organizational behavior terms, models, and information from the readings/videos in your content).
    1. Make a recommendation for how you would improve the situation.
      • How can it be improved and strengthened?
    2. Make sure to address the impact of your recommendations on the individual, team, and organization as a whole.
    3. If the problem has already happened, explain how it was addressed and whether it was handled properly based on your knowledge of the topics.
    4. If it is happening or could happen, explain how it could or should be addressed and suggest outcomes using theories and topics from this course.
  5. Your paper should have a clear topic and a persuasive argument that clarifies the importance of the topic and supports your point of view by drawing on multiple readings and course frameworks.
  6. Your research paper should be at least threelength (excluding the cover page, references, attachments, etc.).
  7. You must have a min of two (2) source
  8. You must include one (1)containing an original infographic on your research (See resources below including an example).
    1. The infographic can be created in word or created in another program and imported into your research document.
    2. See the Module 6 Assignment Infographic Example.jpg (link located under the assignment title above).





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