2 part assignment: Rough Draft & Using Graphics (read carefully)

The rough draft of your proposal is due now while the final draft due will be due in the upcoming weeks. See the attachments below for guidelines to ensure an A on this assignment. You will need to use your topic from the previous paper (Recycling in an Apartment Complex)

The objective of the project is to participate in the development of a detailed proposal as used in any organizational setting. Access the quick summarized preview of the Unit 5 final researched proposal checklist below so you can begin to address these items in your rough draft of the proposal due in this unit. This is in the attachments.


  • Contains no fewer than 1,500 words; no more than 3,000.
  • Clearly identifies the audience and purpose.
  • Shows research has been conducted and preliminary integration of research material is in place following APA formatted in-text citations.
  • Adheres to assigned format — single spaced, double space between paragraphs, cover page, table of contents, and references. 

Include the following items in this order:

  • Cover memo or letter saying you have completed your proposal and are now submitting it-brief
  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Body of the proposal that includes subheadings
  • References page following APA

Assignment 2: Using GraphicsYou read about design and using original graphics to convey many ideas using visual images (see Unit 4 Reading). Use an original graphic (a table or a graphic depicting relationship or process — see the tutorial). You will be inserting this graphic into your proposal. 

For the purposes of this Assignment 2, also submit your graphic with an explanation. 


  • Design your original graphic in a Word document. These are not to be copied and pasted. Can be: chart, graph, or a table.
  • Explain the graphic in a minimum of 200 words.

1) What you are trying to convey?

2) To whom you are trying to convey it?

  • Use correct spelling and grammar.

Acceptable references:Primary (original sources) written by experts in the field of study. Secondary sources supported by research in primary sources. Credible sources (experts in the area of study) Peer Reviewed journal articles are REQUIRED. Educational/university websites (edu) may be appropriate. Finally, .gov and .org are usually okay, but be careful. TURNITIN MUST BE UNDER 15%
You will need a minimum of 5 references that are less than 5 years old.

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