100 Word Discussion Reply

100 Word Discussion Reply


  • With reference to Pike’s article, how could it be said that Divine Omniscience challenges the idea that humans have free will?


Hello class,

Congratulations on making it past the halfway point in the class. This weeks content is such a good discussion. I believe that in a normal setting it isn’t spoken about much unless you are in company that you know shares your same ideals so I think it will be fascinating to see everybody’s posts. Nelson Pike had an excellent article on the topic but I am going to talk about where he talks on God’s knowledge of the future. Pike writes “The doctrine of God’s knowing everything from eternity is very obscure. One particularly difficult question concerning this doctrine is whether it entails that with respect to everything that was, is, or will be the case, God knew in advance that it would be the case” (Pike, 1965). This is an age old question that just about every believer has asked I would assume. I know for me I have personally asked many pastors this questions. In times of mourning it seems to be the first thing that pops into my head. I think “How could God let this happen”? While I don’t think it has an obvious answer I do believe that there are some things about God that we will never understand. This statement also brings up the point to challenge free will because if God is all knowing and controls each event than man does not have free will even though it may feel like it. This is another tricky situation as I believe I wake up each day and choose to do what I want. However, if this is all planned out ahead of time does that mean I am just following the plan? This article has brought up some excellent thoughts that I can’t wait to go into with you all. Have a great week 5!

  • Terrance


Pike, N. (1965). Divine Omniscience and Voluntary Action. The Philosophical Review74(1), 27–46. https://doi.org/10.2307/2183529



100 Word Discussion Reply

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